Le Bambole


The original idea was that of a bag containing amorphous material which, resting on the ground, would squash to model its contents. Following research carried out by the designer together with the company's Research and Development Centre, the idea was moved towards the shape of a cushion.

In this way, between 1970 and 1972, LE BAMBOLE was born. The search for a new type of upholstered product: a large cushion that was soft all over. From the very beginning the project involved the development of a whole range of products, from armchairs to beds, all with the same look. Disassembling LE BAMBOLE into parts gave even more cushions, i.e. a natural "free" form, difficult to summarise into a design drawing but easy to perceive and analyse. Inside there was a "framework", i.e. vertical corners or elastic membranes that combined form and fabric to create a balance between action and reaction. LE BAMBOLE products, according to Bellini, are not covered in fabric, but rather built from fabric, using special strong materials, the fruit of research into technical and military applications.

Icon of the Seventies and winner of the Compasso d'Oro in 1979, LE BAMBOLE never gets old. What makes the design special is the apparent lack of a load bearing structure, the extreme naturalness of the shapes, the combination of comfort, softness and elasticity that the pieces clearly communicate. For Le Bambole '07, the armchair (Bambola), two-seater sofa (Bibambola) and three-seater sofa (Tribambola), as well as the poufs, were made with removable covers.

Further information

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