This design started from the idea of taking a classic image, based on the designs of the Masters of the Modern Movement, and completely separating the load bearing structure from the supporting surfaces. The object's elegance was to derive from its fine detailing, such as printed leather for the supporting surfaces and feather padding and leather covers for the cushions.

The composition system included two or three-seater sofas with interchangeable armrests, as well as an armchair and a chaise longue with only one armrest; the sofas could be connected to a corner table or a service shelf, all with leather surfaces.

DIESIS has become part of contemporary design history. It is a classic modern design, which on one hand makes use of craftsmanship for the leather work, and on the other also makes full use of new technologies to optimise quality and product life. The innovative technology and extremely high quality materials used, such as the polished aluminium frames and leather, combine to make this an evergreen product. The product owes its success to its aesthetic/formal aspects as much as to its innovative content, values inherent to the company's DNA and common denominators for all B&B Italia designs. Today, at over 30 years after its launch, DIESIS reconfirms B&B Italia's desire to interpret contemporary style by offering timeless products destined for an international public.

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