The wardrobe is usually a bulky object.  Trying to integrate it meant thinking of a wall-mounted solution as being the most logical way forward.
That is how SISAMO was designed: a container closely linked with concepts of function and rationality which, with regards to the formal aspect, exactly because of its essential properties could and should be fused with the walls of the room without any loss of continuity. A wardrobe that becomes invisible after use, transforming itself into a polished and refined wall with perfectly flush doors.
A peculiar element of this system is the patented door opening and closing mechanism. This element used dedicated automatic devices to allow each door to be extracted outwards and slid to the side to offer access to the desired compartment.  A true and original system of containers with aligned sliding doors.
Later, this innovative mechanism was applied to containers for the living area (Sisante).
The wardrobe thus became a compact and smooth wall through its entire width, from floor to ceiling. A refined wall that filled the room with light and space thanks to its glossy polyester lacquer finish and the numerous finishes available for the doors, from mirrored glass to fabric coverings.
SISAMO was awarded the Compasso d'Oro in 1984.

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