SITY represented a courageous step forward in the search for a seating system conceived as a flexible and disjointable structure, able to restructure the new complexity of the living space.
In order to describe this system properly the design philosophy that determined the different formal and typological choices of the twenty-plus pieces that comprise it should be clarified. 
A substantial characteristic was that all the elements, as well as preserving their own formal and functional autonomy, should be conceived as parts of a modular game that could be extremely flexible with respect to different spaces and different functions.  Within the entire range of pieces, two precise families of seats could be recognised: upholstered elements and semi rigid elements with very firm structures. There were also several connecting elements that united these two families, in which some of the elements that defined the two groups were combined, almost as if to demonstrate the heterogeneous nature of the various pieces. There was a basic formal language that maintained the various parts of the system in balance with each other.

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