"Very often design is made up of details - said Antonio Citterio - especially with upholstered furniture, where design has become a question of sensitivity".
HARRY was created by changing a detail. Let's hear the story in the designer's own words however:
"Harry arrived following a series of conventional products. I was convinced that this family of products did not work because there was something missing, something that added a little modernity.
It is important to say so because, even though no one knows it, Harry is that same product with a single modified detail: the aluminium feet. A small detail that added a sense of lightness, which transformed the approach from a conventional product to a decidedly modern product.  This was enough to seal its success.
The HARRY seating system was also a demonstration of the harmony created between the designer and the B&B Italia Research Centre.
My drawings are not much more than simple sketches expressing an idea, the rest was left to the dialogue with Research Centre".
The design included two depths of seating: a more formal seat for the armchair and sofas and an informal seat for the modular system, together with a large round pouf, in two sizes, that could be also be used as a table and could be combined with other upholstered products in the B&B Italia collection.

Further information

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