PAB was based on a very simple idea: a long sheet folded in half and held in position by light rods, which looked like marks. 
The overall look was that of a continuous surface, the products could be placed either side by side or above and below, with almost infinite modular combinations.
The product's strength lied and still lies in its ability to express a strong minimalist vision within the scope of an industrial design.
The shelf, which is a distinctive element of the PAB system still today, is the fruit of a complex design process involving materials and technologies; it expresses minimalism, simplicity, elegance, quality detailing and ecology.
Thanks to the use of different materials such as wood or aluminium, the PAB system can live in different habitats.
The evolution of the design led to the subsequent development of glass panels to screen volumes or surfaces, the insertion of containers for holding small objects and thick benches to contrast the slim shelves.  All elements that allow for the geometrical expression of the system using different colour and size combinations. 

Further information

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