Great storage in the smallest possible space, this is the aim of FLAT.C. Designed not only for books, but also for suitably housing a television and hi-fi system as well as providing space for a home office workstation, all with a reduced footprint and extremely elegant aesthetic solutions.
The depth of the product is only 25 cm, the thickness of the shelves and sides are reduced to a minimum and there are absolutely no visible joints. FLAT.C has a very large storage capacity thanks to the presence of suspended and protruding volumes, which can be open or closed, high up or low down, used either for decoration or as spacious containers, integrated with the bookshelf and equipped with different opening systems.
Modularity and flexibility are qualities that guarantee easy insertion into very different situations with custom-made solutions for individual requirements. 
The structural elements, sides and rear crossbeams are made from aluminium, whilst the horizontal shelves are made from lacquered wood. A system of openable channels effectively resolves any cabling problems.  Coloured or monochrome finishes provide the possibility of creating different aesthetic looks without altering the product's defining features.

Further information

> FLAT.C product sheet
> ANTONIO CITTERIO designer sheet