BEND-SOFA seems to have been modelled by an artist's hand, but in reality it was created using 3D models and digital research. Patricia Urquiola envisaged her upholstered system as follows: "A seat with a primary, monolithic shape, almost moulded by hand, as though, starting from a ductile material, it has been created with gestures not unlike those of a sculptor".

She wanted to call it BEND-SOFA because of the effectiveness with which it is able to express the idea of movement, achieved by alternating full and empty spaces. This is underlined by the contrasting stitching which creates a further design on the irregular and sinuous surface. 
The undulating modules, assembled from seating elements, poufs and corner elements, can be used to create flexible compositional solutions: small linear versions or corner solutions.

B&B Italia places even greater emphasis on the stitching, which with an elegant zig-zag effect, either matching or contrasting the covers, strongly highlights BEND-SOFA.

Further information

> BEND-SOFA product sheet
> PATRICIA URQUIOLA designer sheet